10 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress

Sometimes life can get the best of us. Between trying to fit in work, school, family, being social, and enjoying your ‘me time,’ it can get a little more than just hectic. It can be down right stressful.

But let’s face it: not everyone has time in their day to get a full yoga session in. That’s why it’s even more important to learn how to fit in little ways to de-stress yourself when you’re out and about.

Here are ten ways to reduce some stress that can be accomplished in five minutes or less:

  1. Deep Breathing – Sit or lay down and close your eyes. Put one hand on your stomach and and slowly take a deep breath through your nose. Make sure that you can feel your stomach pushing out with your hand. Slowly exhale through your mouth and repeat 10 times, or as needed.
  2. Hug a Furry Friend – Pets are amazing in more ways than just companionship. A study has shown that pets also provide positive psychological social support.
  3. Talk to Someone – A quick phone call to a trusted friend is enough to reduce stress on the spot.
  4. Stretch – Stretching helps loosen those sneaky muscles that tense up on you when you go through stress. Even something as simple as stretching your arms above your head or touching your toes will help increase blood flow to your muscles and will dramatically reduce the physical signs of stress.
  5. Listen to Music – Listening to music that you like has been shown to decrease stress. Put on some tunes when you’re driving to work. Even singing along has been linked to decreases in stress.
  6. Chew Gum – Try chewing on some gum. A study illustrated that those who chewed gum showed less signs of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  7. Eat Healthy – This one doesn’t take five minutes or less, but can easily be built into any busy day. Instead of reaching for the donuts, try grabbing a handful of nuts or some Greek yogurt for a boost of energy. Research has shown that habitually eating unhealthy foods make people more susceptible to depression.
  8. Use Aromatherapy – Certain scents can aid in stress relief. Lavender, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus are some of the most popular essential oils to help with stress and can easily be used on the go.  Try putting a few drops of essential oil on a scarf or article of clothing. This will allow you to smell them no matter where the day takes you.
  9. Plan Ahead – Knowing what you need to do before the day starts can greatly reduce any stress or anxiety. Try writing a short list or schedule before starting your day. Plus, crossing something off a list is oh-so-satisfying.
  10. Squeeze in a 5-Minute Mediation – Most of us can fit in at least five minutes for ourselves. I typically try to do this in the morning before I start my day. This helps get my mind in a good space before anything hectic comes along. There are many 5-minute videos on the internet that can guide you through this process. You would be surprised how much of a difference five minutes can make!

Key Points: 10 Quick ways to Reduce Stress

  • Life is busy but there are ways to reduce stress on-the-go
  • Deep Breathing, hugging a pet, talking to a friend, stretching, listening to music, chewing gum, eating healthy, using aromatherapy, planning ahead, and meditating are just some of the way to quickly reduce stress
  • Fitting small ways to reduce stress throughout your day can help increase mood, cognition, and productivity.









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  1. Another one is to remove or distance yourself from people in your inner circle that bring more drama than peace overall to your life.

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