25 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome

Cuffing season is upon us my friends and with that comes the awkward pressure to find someone if you aren’t in a relationship.

Let me just tell you that that is a bunch of BS. There is no reason to feel pressured into finding someone to date just because it’s a specific time of year. The simple fact is that being single can be hella cool and liberating.

Why be single during cuffing season
  1. It forces you to understand who you are, what you need, and what you want out of your life
  2. You can watch whatever you want on Netflix with zero judgement
  3. You can listen to the same song on repeat indefinitely
  4. You get to decide what to eat for dinner without having to compromise
  5. You can focus on your mental health
  6. You can focus on your self-care
  7. You can focus on you career
  8. You can pick up a new hobby
  9. You can be as gross as you want in your apartment because no one is there to judge you – go ahead and fart and walk around naked (if you have no roommates)
  10. You can spend more time with friends and family
  11. Gilt-free flirting
  12. More free time to do whatever you want
  13. You don’t have to answer to anyone – you can come and go as you please
  14. You don’t have to clear your browsing history
  15. You can dress however you want without having to think twice
  16. You don’t have to feel guilty about being on your phone
  17. You can post all the thirst traps you want
  18. You can make spur of the moment plans
  19. You grow and develop your passions and skills
  20. You have more time to be you
  21. You save a bunch of money
  22. You get to spend that money saved on yourself doing cool things
  23. You get to be a strong independent person that doesn’t need someone to make them happy or to fulfill their life
  24. You don’t have to put up with other people’s moods, annoying habits, or opinions
  25. You don’t have to worry about anyone cheating on you.

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