Lifestyle: Stress-free Ways to Start Saving Money

Money in general is at the heart of a lot of people’s stress and anxiety. The thought of cutting down on spending to save money can be daunting if not down right scary.

There are simple things that you can add to your life that will help you save money without stressing out. By adding some of these simple tricks into your life, you can adopt healthier money spending habits to help you crush life.

  • Cook at home more than going out to eat
Saving money without stressing
  • Cut down on the alcohol
  • Budget – keep an app or an old fashion money journal to track and learn about your spending habits
  • Make a grocery list before going to the store
  • Skip out on after work drinks
  • Wait 30 days before buying something to make sure you really need/want it
  • Sell unwanted objects
  • Create a savings account and put a portion of your paycheck directly into it – and don’t touch it!
  • Make gifts instead of buying them
  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Stop smoking/doing drugs
  • Look for coupons and deals when food shopping
  • Buy generic brands of things like medicine or food
  • Turn off the lights
  • Don’t use the AC as much
  • Brew your own coffee at home
ways to save money without stressing
  • Cancel unused subscriptions
  • Buy used instead of new when you can
  • Eat breakfast – so you don’t binge on expensive foods at lunch
  • Pack your own lunch
  • Take advantage of free events in your city/town
  • Walk more places
  • Take public transportation
  • Buy staples (like laundry detergent) in bulk
ways to save money without stressing
  • Use the library – free books, CDs, Movies, etc.
  • Carpool
  • Pack food for long trips in the car
  • Eat less meat
  • Ask if fees can be waived – you never know until you ask!
  • Exercise at home or at a local park
ways to save money without stressing
  • Keep track of your spending weekly
  • Record your savings and progress
  • Set Spending and Saving Goals
  • Save your loose change
  • Set a limit of how much you can spend each week
  • Have a “no spend day” once a week
  • Don’t use as much perfume/cologne
  • Get a smart tv – Internet only cable package
  • Invite people over to your house instead of out
  • DIY beauty – Nails, face masks, skin care, etc.
  • Don’t get your hair cut as often
  • Don’t get your nails done as often
  • Look for online deals
  • Wait for large holidays to make purchases – Hello savings!
  • Forgive yourself and keep moving forward with saving money

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