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Long Distance Date Ideas that aren’t Boring

Finding good long distance date ideas is hard. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of video chatting and let’s face it: that gets boring af real fast.

Here are some great long distance date ideas that are meant to switch up you and your partner’s routine and put a little more spice into your relationship.


This takes a little thought and creativity but the idea is simple. Get a box, fill it with everything your partner will need for the date. This could a DVD, popcorn, their favorite candy, something to cuddle with, and instructions about how the date will go.

It doesn’t have to be a movie date, it can be anything from making a meal together to making a playlist together. The point is to surprise them with everything they need to have a fun date with you.

Be a virtual tourist in each other’s cities

Start the tour at your place and take your partner to your favorite parts of your city. It could be places you visit daily or just places that you love to visit whenever you have company over.

You can record a video and send it to your significant other, or you can do it live with them through video chat depending on your data and time.

Screen Sharing

I’ve always had a hard time finding sites that are free and allow you to share your screen with someone. But Twiddla and Zoom are both great options that don’t cost you a penny.

The instructions are relatively straight-forward on both sites and allow you to share your screen so your partner can see what you’re seeing.

The upside of Twiddla over Zoom is that Twiddla allows you to both be active on the same screen while Zoom would be better for a movie type date.

Be Naughty Together

Distance shouldn’t keep you from feeling the intamicy between your partner and yourself. All you really need is access to a phone, instant messaging, or a webcam.

Tell them what you think and how you feel, tell them your fantasies, or even write an erotic story with the two of you doing role-playing. You can even use a webcam to show a little more of yourself…

It might be a little awkward at first if you haven’t done this before. I recommend doing smaller things first like instant messaging before jumping right into webcam things. Also, please make sure that you are 100% comfortable with your partner. If you aren’t comfortable, it won’t be fun, and it’s best to choose something else to do in the meantime.

Write a good old fashioned love letter

Love letter day is the 10th of every month – so embrace this timeless way to show your partner you care. Handwritten letters are always nice to get and can be super fun to write.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s the message that counts! So break out the pen and paper and send it on its way via the pony express. Waiting for the letter to be delivered is the hardest part, but the pay off is very worth it.

Send Video Messages

Snapchat is definetly a good idea for one of the other dates I mentioned on this list (largely contributed to the fact that the pictures disappear…) but sending video messages is a great thing to do if you and your partner are in different time zones and don’t get the opportunity to find the tie to sit down and talk over video.

Marco Polo is a great alternative because it lets you send video messages that don’t disappear which means you can re-watch each sweet video over and over again. The best part is that this is free and unlimited and all the videos are stored on a server which means no precious space will be taken up on your phone.

Grow Together

This one takes a little more time that the other ones, but it can be something that bonds you together a little more. The supplies you need for each of you: 1 small flower pot, flower seeds, soil, and water.

As you guessed, you’ll be growing your own love plants together. Make sure that they are planted on the same day (you can even use this as a date night activity). There are so many things that you can do with this. If you and your partner are competitive, use this as a little game to see which one of you can grow a bigger plant and whose survives the longest.

When you do finally see each other, you can give each other the love plants that you’ve been growing as a gift.

Plan Future In-Person Dates

Many long-distance relationships are purely temporary. At one point, you will see each other again in person – even if it doesn’t seem like it. Because of this, it’s important to create future plans.

By deciding on future plans together, it gives both partners a piece of mind when it comes to the stability of their relationship and it gives them something exciting to look forward to.

Take the time to create an in-person date list and get excited about the future with you partner!

Arrange Homework or Co working Dates

Many times, long distance couples are in school or working. This is one of the most straight forward long distance date ideas: arrange a time to Skype to just be with your partner and do your own thing. There’s something about just being together while suffering through work or homework that makes it a little better.

Take an Online Class Together

If you both have the time, try taking an online class together. Bond over learning a new skill, hobby, or language. Universities or other online websites often have online classes available.

If your partner speaks a different language, now is the perfect time to learn it! Most times, partners will be happy and supportive over their partner taking the time to learn more about them and their life. Speaking of dating someone that speaks a different language – check out this article.

It’s important to find dates that match things that both you and your partner are interested in. This list of long distance date ideas is a good place to start to work towards getting to know your partner more, switching things up, and building your relationship up from afar.

DO you have any other good long distance date ideas? Share them below!

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